No webcams with Windows XP Pro?!?!?!?!

  longwhatton34 19:30 02 Nov 2004

My Windows XP Pro will not accept webcams for some reason - it happened before I installed SP2 and it is still happening. I have tried at least three different brands and it won't have it. Even my Fuji digicam won't act as a webcam with it!

  Mozarella 20:58 02 Nov 2004

If as you`ve said it happened since SP2, try uninstalling SP2 and let microsoft know about it.

  Mozarella 21:00 02 Nov 2004

Sorry, I forgot to mention my OS is XP Pro Sp2 and i`ve had no problems with it. Mind you I downloaded from PCA`s disc.

  Mozarella 21:02 02 Nov 2004

Contact me if you want a spare CD

  Graham ® 21:11 02 Nov 2004

It happened before SP2.

  anchor 09:37 03 Nov 2004

I have Windows XP Pro with SP1, and have no problems using my Logitech QuickCam.

Have you tried removing the software, and then installing the latest drivers/software from the makers site?.

  longwhatton34 09:53 03 Nov 2004

I have 2 SP2 CDs from Microsoft, but I downloaded SP2 originally through Windows Update. I have considered getting one of the webcams listed on the scanner/camera installation wizard as those drivers are included with XP...

  mbp 10:39 03 Nov 2004

Firstly, make sure that you have the latest version of the Instant Messaging client you are using. Go to their web/forum site to check whether other people have similar problems.Often you have to upgrade or add a patch. Somewhere you will see that your messaging client will need certain Ports or a group of Ports, to be opened for it to be able to function properly. Do not assume that these ports will automatically open when you log on. Most ports not in use (nowadays should be closed, since SP2 especially) should be closed for security reasons. You can open the necessary Ports manually,while you are using the Webcam and then close them when you have finished, for the sake of security.For a trial connection you could simply turn off your Firewall protection. Firewalls have caused most webcam connection problems. I am not sure why this function is not made automatically when you use the program, maybe they have already incorporated this feature by now. The security aspects have put me off using my Webcam as much as I would like to. It is a very intimate way of communicating, and very pleasant, and time consuming.

  longwhatton34 10:51 03 Nov 2004

I haven't got far enough to see if a webcam will work with my messaging programs yet. For some reason, XP (I think that's what the problem is) won't even recognise them. The error message says that the software doesn't install properly. I even tried downloading the latest software for them, but that doesn't work either. It's probably something obvious, but I might be looking in the wrong place. My device manager just lists them as unknown devices.

  anchor 13:49 05 Nov 2004

Try sending an e-mail to Logitech support

[email protected]

I found them helpful in the past. Even if your camera is not a Logitech, (don`t tell them though), their advice should be relevant, as you have problems with various brands.

  Stuartli 14:14 05 Nov 2004

I have a D-Link 350 Pro webcam and it works with XP Pro (now with SP2) just as it did with Windows 98SE.....

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