no web pages

  zebbydog 14:03 27 Jul 2008

I am connected to the internet and can get emails but i cannot open any web pages any ideas please Windows xp sp2

  iqs 14:19 27 Jul 2008

is your home page available when you start your browser?

  zebbydog 14:31 27 Jul 2008

no no web pages at all

  brundle 14:46 27 Jul 2008

Lots more info needed;
Dial up/broadband, modem/router, wired/wireless, what do you see when you open a browser, have you tried a different browser, do you have a firewall running, any recent changes or installations, have you tried a System Restore to the point when things worked...

  ambra4 14:54 27 Jul 2008

How are you connected to the Internet via USB or an Ethernet cable?

What type of service via Cable or the phone line

What type of equipment just a modem or modem and router

What browser you using IE / Firefox etc

  zebbydog 15:56 27 Jul 2008

explorer/ ethernet/wired/windows firewall/no recent changes/bthomehub

  brundle 08:19 28 Jul 2008

First thing to try.

Winsockfix click here


No need to flush DNS or reset TCP/IP in this case, which are other suggestions often given...

If that doesn't work

Go to start menu/accessories/command prompt


ipconfig /all

What are the entries for IP address, subnet mask, DNS servers, gateway, DHCP server?

  birdface 10:14 28 Jul 2008

Try Control panel.Internet Options.Programs.make sure Internet Explorer is the default web browser.Apply.ok

  zebbydog 17:07 28 Jul 2008

loaded firefox and all seems ok now must have been IE problem thanks all for the help

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