No visual on Monitor

  Jim87 11:10 01 Aug 2008

I've recently been trying to fix my VERY old PC. Firstly, it wouldn't even start up so I changed the CPU, then I connected it to a monitor and it doesn't seem to show any loading screens or anything at all.

I've tested the monitor on another PC and it is fine, I've tested my PC on another monitor and it does the same thing (blank screen) I've taken I video card from work and tested it. This one has a fan on it and the fan boots up but still no screen.

Am I missing anything, I'm not qualified and I've just started learning how to rebuild and upgrade PC using the internet as an information point. I would be very greatful for any suggestions that I can try.

Thanks in advance,

  Ditch999 12:37 01 Aug 2008

Memory and PSU?
Possibly mobo dead.

  Jak_1 12:40 01 Aug 2008

First things first.
What operating system and computer specs?
Do you get the bios beep at startup?
Do you have the video drivers for the video card?
Is the video card compatable with the os?

It is also possible that you have a blown motherboard or vital parts of it.

  Jim87 14:03 01 Aug 2008

My OS is XP and I can't remeber the full specs I'm afraid. I don't get any beeps just fan noise. With the original video card yes, the drivers should be there already but with the one that I have tried from work no, to be honest it's not something I thought I needed and the answer to the last question, yes because I had it running fine about 2years ago after we upgraded our motherboard.

I know that the computer is an Athlon and it has a 40GB hard drive and 1x512MB RAM and I think 2x64MB RAM.

Hope this helps you help me.


  Ditch999 14:06 01 Aug 2008

Win98 very fussy about how much memory is in.
Take out the 512mb and use the 128mb to install it and see if it then works.

  Ditch999 14:07 01 Aug 2008

Sorry, wrong post!

  Jim87 14:31 01 Aug 2008

Regarding Ditch999's post:

Could there be a problem with the RAM?

Someone told me that it could be the Hard Drive, I just disregarded the opinion because the Hard Drive LED lights up. Could this actually be part of the problem?

  Jak_1 14:37 01 Aug 2008

If you are not getting the initial post beep then it could be a blown bios chip or the cmos battery is u/s.
As Ditch999 says, possibly the psu is causing the problem and may need replacing.

  Ditch999 14:46 01 Aug 2008

Start with the cheapest option.
You say its a VERY old PC. Put a new CMOS battery in.
Then move on to the RAM. Use only one stick - the 512mb one and if possible take a compatible stick from a working PC to try.

Why did you change the CPU and what did you change it from and to?
Does the motherboard support the new CPU?

  Jim87 15:00 01 Aug 2008

I changed it because the PC would start no LED etc... I don't know the types of CPU I didn't even check. It was one that I got from work. List all the specs that you need and I'll get back to tonight.

Cheers guys.

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