no video input(sync)

  landerond 07:35 28 Oct 2007

XP with AGP slot

After crash installed various hard drives with O/S,s on them cannot get into loading by diint of either"no video input" or "no sync detected"??

  Technotiger 08:20 28 Oct 2007

Some proper information might help us to help you.

More info about the PC - mobo/drives/memory/graphics/sound etc. What about the crash, what OS, what were you doing at the time, or trying to do?

You say 'installed various hard drives with O/S,s on them' What OS's, what drives?

Try with just one OS and one drive to start with. then build up!

  landerond 09:29 28 Oct 2007

crashed hard drive XP crashed on boot (drive now removed)
tried hard drives are ME and XP
In view of inability to get past video on boot, no O/Ss to woork on

  Technotiger 10:10 28 Oct 2007

Hmm, I'm afraid you don't appear to know what you are talking about. ME and XP are not hard drives, they are OS's. Why did you remove hard drive just because it failed to boot? You still have not mentioned anything about your PC in relation to my earlier question?

Have you tried booting into safe mode?

  landerond 10:50 28 Oct 2007

8 different H.D.Ds with different O/Ss ie DOS 6.21/windows 3.11 and 3.21/95/98/ME/2000/XP,to test other units one simply changes the H.D.D

Advice pl;ease on how to get into "safe mode" when BIOS will not boot into "video"

  Technotiger 11:02 28 Oct 2007

Oh right, why didn't you say that to begin with! I would guess then that you do know what you are doing if you are testing different rigs. So I am sure you don't need me to tell you that to get into safe mode, you keep hitting F8 on startup (at least with XP) I don't know about all the other OS's, so can't unfortunately help you there.

No video - might that be simply a case of dodgy connections/cables, or a problem with monitor? Or with graphics cards or of course could be a faulty mobo. So many different things could cause the problem - just a case of working through the different items and trying to establish which, by a process of elimination.

But from what you have now said, I would guess that you know a lot more about these things than I do. However, I always like to try and help.

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