No video after replacing monitor

  Colin 15:00 29 Apr 2005

I’ve just replaced my CRT monitor with a ViewSonic VE710s LCD monitor.
On booting up, I can see the BIOS screen, that then goes away as normal, but I don’t see the Windows XP splash screen or the log on window. I am sure the PC has booted as I can see the hard drive activity light working. I refitted my old monitor, and still have the same problem. As I can see the BIOS screens I assume that monitors are not faulty. I have also changed graphics card, but that made no difference. I have also tried getting into Safe Mode. I could select the option, but the screen won’t display the text. I have tried both monitors on another PC, and they both worked OK.

Any ideas?

  Indigo 1 15:25 29 Apr 2005

Can you check both Graphics Cards on the other PC too ?

  Colin 15:27 29 Apr 2005

Indigo 1, sorry I forgot to mention that I have also done that!

  Indigo 1 15:36 29 Apr 2005

There is not a lot you can do if you can't see the desktop on screen.

The only thing you could try is to go into BIOS by repeatedly clicking Delete button while PC is booting up and check if you can see that.

You should be able to re-load optimum settings or check that the correct settings are being used but don't forget to save before exit.

  ICF 15:42 29 Apr 2005

What should the screen resolution be set at for your new LCD monitor?Can you get another monitor and set the screen resolution using this monitor?

  Colin 15:45 29 Apr 2005

I can get into the BIOS and have reset it to default settings - no difference. The LCD monitor conected to the other PC came up as 1024x768 which is the same setting as my CRT monitor.

  961 15:59 29 Apr 2005

I wonder if you have either disturbed the graphics card in its seating as you have attached the cable, or that you have a faulty cable to the monitor

The other consideration is if the pins from the monitor cable to the graphics card connector are bent. Forgive me, but have you tried wiggling it?

I take it as read that there is not a problem with the power cable to the monitor or its fuse

  Colin 16:13 29 Apr 2005

Checked all cables, connections etc. I removed the graphics card, Radeon 9200, and used the Intel onboard graphics, but no difference. The monitor is OK as I can get into and see the BIOS screens, but it the screen is blank when XP boots up.

  961 17:42 29 Apr 2005

Peculiar, innit

I think you are down to looking for the "how did that happen" jobs, and your guess may be better than mine

Are we looking at VGA or DVI connections. Have you tried both

Is there any possibility that power management settings in the BIOS are preventing the monitor from operating

Is there a motherboard or BIOS problem with onboard graphics/AGP switching?

If you can see the BIOS on the screen then it really must be either BIOS settings or software corruption

At the end of the day bearing in mind that the monitors work on another machine it begins to look like a reinstall of windows

  Joe R 17:47 29 Apr 2005


If your crt monitor was set at a refresh rate of 85Hz, this would explain why your system is not detecting the other monitor.

Have you tried booting from a crt monitor and turn down the refresh rate to 60Hz.

  bamfiesler 17:48 29 Apr 2005

the card isn't a dual out card, ist it?

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