No video to access bios, PC freezes at login.

  Silo727 17:19 16 Jan 2018

Hey guys, i'm having a frustrating issue with my pc Its a fujitsu esprimo p1510 Msi motherboard with AMI bios It also has an nvidia geforce gt220 graphics card. I was using the PC the other day and it froze, had no choice but to switch it off completely, i was installing new drivers at the time of freeze. When i turned it back on it would get to the windows 10 login screen and freeze again. Now i have a disc to reinstall....but i can't access the bios it won't display, its definetely running the bios because when i press the arrow keys on the keyboard the motherboard speaker clicks like its cycling through options. It appears that there is only one display adapter on this pc as my first thought was use the integrated display. I also removed the cmos battery and used the jumpers, but to no avail. I'm back at college next week and i need my PC running for computing projects, programming ect. I'd really appreciate any advice anyone could give me. It sometimes boots and gets to login again, but will just freeze.

  Silo727 20:50 16 Jan 2018

Just an update before anyone replies, after much removal of components and testing to see if they were causing faults, it occurred to me the battery on the motherboard might be dead, had an old pc in a storage cupboard that was obsolete took the battery from its motherboard and replaced the old one in my current machine and it started up no problem. I really should have known to do this first lol

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