No User Manual with Notepad

  ponytail 16:59 22 Nov 2013

This refers to the notepad my wife has just bought which is a Apple I PAD AIR my son has now got it all sorted out for her as he is a bit of a computer whizzkid or so he says.He has installed netfix on it for her with the first month free I also have it on my laptop.But asked her how she is going to view the films and she says she will watch on the notepad but it is only about 10"Would like to know if it can connect to TV but no user manual came with it so dont know what connections there are.Really p*d off not getting manual eventually got onto Amazon customer live chat and they say cannot send one but I could download and print one but that is not acceptable wasting my ink and paper as there is a lot of printing to do.Finally they said I could collect one from their nearest store which is Brighton.Does anyone know what connections there are and what can be connected to it.Sorry for this being so long as I said P*d off

  Woolwell 17:10 22 Nov 2013

Manual available online. There are no printed manuals (as with most products nowadays) but the book I linked to in your other thread is very good but is not free.

Yes you can connect it to a TV but you will need to buy an HDMI connection kit. One end connects to the lightning connector and the other accepts the HDMI cable (mini at one end). The TV should automatically pick up the iPad and be a mirror image of the pad's screen.

There is only one connection on an iPad.

  Woolwell 17:11 22 Nov 2013

ps the Apple site is very good and suggest that you start there.

  ponytail 17:21 22 Nov 2013

I have been on the Apple site and also phoned and was told they do not send out any manuals which is strange because if you buy a phone,laptop,camera or whatever you get a users manual. When you get the item home how are you supposed to know what to do to set it up you may not have a PC to download it from and another thing when you pay nearly £400 for something you expect to get written instructions on how to set it up.

  iscanut 17:25 22 Nov 2013

You will need to buy a digital av adapter from the apple store and as Woolwell says you need to make sure you use the lightning connector for the latest I pad models. As far as manuals are concerned I bought a U3A book, called I Pad for the older and wiser, a very useful guide.

  Woolwell 17:27 22 Nov 2013

I think that you may have had a quick start booklet and the manual may well be on the iPad (look in Safari bookmarks). You do not always get a full users manual with a camera or smartphone or laptop and I would suggest that in fact you rarely get one.

  iscanut 17:28 22 Nov 2013

You would not get a manual these days if you bought a netbook or laptop and neither would you get a manual for software such as windows or ms office for instance. That's the way it is these days I am afraid.

  Woolwell 17:30 22 Nov 2013

If you have an Apple store near you then call in and they will show you exactly what you want and how to connect it.

  iscanut 17:32 22 Nov 2013

The manual can be found at

  rdave13 17:38 22 Nov 2013

Have a look at the first one here if you have a HDMI connection on your TV.

Woolwell, the PDFs here are excellent. I think I'll have to trudge through the iOS 6 one as I bought both iPAD 2's in September, or will the iOS 7 be ok if it auto updates?

Sorry for the little hijack ponytail, my apologies.

  ponytail 17:49 22 Nov 2013

We are going to the Apple store tomorrow morning to get the user manual as it hopefully will be waiting for us.When I bought this ASUS laptop in the summer it came with a user manual as did my smart phone bought in March. I bought a new digital camera in May and that also has a complete user manual.I still say if you pay that sort of money you are entitled to a manual it is like getting a new car with no handbook.I could print it off from this laptop but it looks like between 30 or 40 pages what a waste of my ink.Not worried about paper as can get some from work.

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