No USB 2.0 Support in Win XP????? True???

  Jester2K II 14:59 07 Sep 2003

Sorry about this i keep hearing that there is no USB 2.0 support in Win XP until you install SP-1.

Is this true?

Does this mean Win 9x, Me & 2K don't support USB 2.0...

Can someone please clarify?



  alan 2273 15:03 07 Sep 2003

Without SP1 there is no support but you can buy a USB PCI card to get round this problem if you are running an earlier version of windows

  powerless 15:04 07 Sep 2003


When XP was unleashed it did not have 2.0 support.

Computers of the 98 etc period only have 1.0/1. The support of 2.0 come in the PCI card.

  bremner 15:06 07 Sep 2003

From the horses mouth http: // www

  Jester2K II 15:15 07 Sep 2003


So if i put a USB 2.0 card into a Win 98SE machine (with drivers) it'll run USB 2.0 at USB 2.0 speeds?? Is that correct?

But if i have a mobo with built in USB 2.0 ports..

under 9x / Me it'll run the ports at 1.1

under XP Sp-1 it'll run the ports at 2.0


  Quiller. 15:16 07 Sep 2003

The drivers that are needed will be on the disk supplied with a PCI usb 2.0 card. If you get one of the new mobo's then the drivers should be on the installation c\d.

Windows will of course recognise it as a usb 1.1 card and then upgrade it when the drivers are installed.

Bit like a cdrw or dvd.:)

  Quiller. 15:19 07 Sep 2003

Cross posting.

If you have a M\B with USB 2.0 connectors. The chipset drivers should have what you need. Also what you have to look out for is that some boards need the usb 2.0 ports to be enabled in the bios. Some of these new boards are set at USB 1.1 as factory default.

  Jester2K II 15:21 07 Sep 2003

So all OS's including pre SP-1 XP back to 98SE support USB 2.0 assuming you put the drivers in??

So now I'm not sure whats meant when its said that "Without SP1 there is no support for USB 2.0"

Was this just talking about "native" support (i.e. built in to the OS without the need for 3rd party drivers??

  Jester2K II 15:23 07 Sep 2003

So in other words, versions of Windows before Xp SP-1 need 3rd party USB 2.0 drivers but SP-1 has the USB 2.0 driver built in??

  Quiller. 15:23 07 Sep 2003

"Was this just talking about "native" support (i.e. built in to the OS without the need for 3rd party drivers??"

In short. YES:)

  Jester2K II 15:28 07 Sep 2003

Thank you all.

Bit muddled on Sunday afternoon.... Just cleared it up.


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