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  slydog 01:25 21 Oct 2003

I have had a Radeon 9000 pro running on an AMD 2000 PC with WIN XP for several months now and it has performed faultlessly. However I have just tried to set up the TV out facility via the lead that came with the Card which has both Video S mini Din and Phono lead which I have plugged into my bog standard television (which supports Video S) via a scart adaptor. I have however not been able to get a peep(or a pixel) out of it. I have tried both the Mini Din and the phono conns but to no avail. When I check the system setup in the ATI display setup the secondary monitor is greyed out. If I try to activate it just reverts to its inactive state. Also when I check the status of the primary monitor it shows it as functional but all the other monitor/TV options are crossed out.
I have also checked the secondory display driver and it is reported in system manager as working. Has anybody got any Ideas I'm right out, besides the obvious of course that the TV out facility is goosed. Or even the scart adapapter being goosed both of which seem unlikely. (my son used the scart adaptor for his PS2).

  hugh-265156 01:57 21 Oct 2003

turn of your computer.

connect the svideo to composite adapter(svideo seven pin plug one end - yellow phono at the other) to the graphics card.

connect your scart adapter to the above and to the av1 socket on your tv.

turn on your tv and select av1 on the remote control.

turn on your computer.

click start/control panel/displaysettings,you should see two screens 1&2

click screen 2 and set the resolution to 640x480 and tick the box below that says "extend my windows desktop to this monitor"

you should now have a display on the tv.

next click the advanced/displays/tv tab and set up as uk pal here.

latest drivers click here

  hugh-265156 02:00 21 Oct 2003

hydravision will give you more advanced multi desktop options after you have set up as above click here

  slydog 02:27 21 Oct 2003

Still not working huggy I've just carried out that procedure but 2nd moitor still greyed and cannot reset res below 800 x 600. When I right click activate it highlights but reverts to grey as soon as I click Apply or OK. I'll check out your link to the drivers. Many thanks

  hugh-265156 12:54 21 Oct 2003

the drivers for the graphics card need to be installed.

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