No TV from ATI TV Wonder VE on XPHome

  Swampy 07:45 24 Apr 2004

Hi again all. After wiping my hard drive and reformatting recently the only problem left after installing XP Home and all hard and software is the one above. I've downloaded and run all the new drivers for XP. Windows tells me that the device is working properly. I can import video from my camcorder through it into Windows Movie Maker with no problems, but cannot get any TV, not even the 'control screen'. Any ideas anyone? I know it's only a cheap card but it worked fine with 98SE!
Thanks for any suggestions (clean please).

  Agent Smith 08:36 24 Apr 2004

I have the same problem, worked fine on 98SE but no go on XP. Tried new drivers, latest Multi Media Center from ATI. Etc Etc....

  Swampy 08:52 24 Apr 2004

It's strange. The card itself seems to work as I said but the software to run the TV part doesn't want to run. Glad I'm not alone! Thought I was going mad for a while.

  Gemma 09:13 24 Apr 2004
  Bobnik 09:39 24 Apr 2004

I have installed a TV wonder pci on my XP pro system. The multimedia centre would not appear even though I have installed all of the recommended updates & drivers. I have had to install MMC 7.9 to allow me to do anything at all (which is not much). But cannot see any pictures or video when connected to the card.

I have passed all of this on to ATI and am currently awaiting a responce.

  Swampy 10:14 24 Apr 2004

Thanks for trying Gemma. I downloaded and installed "DirectX9b-KB825116-x86-ENU.exe" and then re-installed the other ATI software but still nothing appears in the program list that I can select. (I did reboot after the installations). let's hope you have some luck and will pass it on to us Bobnik.
So near and yet so far - frustrating isn't it?

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