hugh-265156 02:54 26 Jun 2003

WHOOoooHOOooo!!! i have finaly managed to get it all up and running after two days of cussin an swearin on ntl 600k(nic).

im now posting this from mozilla using knoppix.

i used the console window command(click on the clamshell on the desktop)and type "netcardconfig - dchp" then click no when asked if you want to send as dchp and set it up manually,entering in my ip address,default gateway,subnet mask dns server info.(you can get all this info in windows by typing cmd into run and then ipconfig /all.)

this didnt work ie/ i could still not connect but i didnt get any errors so i saved knoppix settings to floppy(click on the K button then knoppix and then save settings) and rebooted using myconfig /mnt/auto/floppy

and here i am :-)

i must admit after only using it for for a few hours im addicted already.for an os that runs from a disc its not bad at need for and antivirus or firewall.

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