Taff36 12:31 11 Jun 2003

This may simply be:
1. A clogged cartridge. Remove the cartridge and see if you have excess black ink. If so very carefully remove it with a lint free cloth. Unfortunately it may be a faulty cartridge so if it was bought recently take it back!

2.Excess ink has found it`s way onto the rollers.
Visually inspect whilst the cartridges are out of the way and again clean carefully. Don`t force the rollers round. You may damage something.

If you need to turn off the printer power and then back on again. The Epsons usually do a power up process during which the rollers rotate.
Repeat step 2 as necessary.

Finally run the maintenance routine & see if there is any improvement. I suggest this as the last step because if 1 or 2 is the problem the routine will take ages and use all your ink!

Above all be gentle - these Epsons are delicate so use some common sense.

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