ton 15:37 13 Jun 2003

I found this on a website - second part might be useful.

Display Driver Problems:
Most display driver problems have nothing to do with the monitor, unless the screen shows an image that looks like it lacks horizontal sync, possibly showing several fractured copies of your mouse pointer, dialog boxes and the windows desktop in a nearly illegible display. In this case, you need to restart in safe mode (see above), and using the Display adapter's Advanced settings, set the refresh rate to a low value -- say, 60Hz.

More commonly, a display driver problem is caused by an IRQ conflict or other issue that may be resolved by deleting and reinstalling the display driver. First, uninstall the old drivers. There should be an entry in the Add/Remove control panel, or in a worst-case scenario, just open the System control panel's Device Manager, look for the adapter setting under Display Adapters (which will probably have a big yellow error icon next to it), delete it, and then restart. Ideally, you should have downloaded the manufacturer's latest drivers for your specific graphics card and have them already present on your system at this point. (uninstall the drivers in safe mode)

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