Diemmess 11:51 15 Jun 2003

You have my sympathy.

Access can be self taught, many in cluding me have done it...... Its learning curve is like the north face of the Eiger.

I needed answers to your sort of problem when I wanted to select particular categories for a report, or all the items from one category (like you)

It took ages and great temper control working up a long series of macros which are attached to the "Onopen" part of your report.

A later upgrade from Access v 2 scuppered a lot of this because of vast changes in the app.

Now it all depends more and more on V.B. which I dislike having to learn from scratch.

The Manuals cover everything but are not - no way - intuitive. Help is comprehensive but waffles off into nerdland

Your best bet is to searh for something similar in the sample database Northwind Traders and see how it is done there.

Meanwhile a very inelegant, but very simple way would be to have as many reports as you have region numbers, each using the data from a slightly different query

For instance, put all the fields you want into a query and in the condition box below your region field write =1 ......This will select only those items which are in region one.

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