Stuartli 09:43 22 Jun 2003

I don't know if WinMe has awfax.exe and Wms.exe on the OS disk like Win95 and 98, but this is what I use for sending faxes.

awfax.exe provides the basic fax composing facilities including cover pages of your choice and composition, whilst Windows Messaging includes (Tools>MS Fax Tools>Options) to set your modem as the Active Fax Modem.

Windows Messaging, which maintains a full record of faxes sent and received, is virtually akin to Outlook Express in its layout and operation, so you would find it easy to use.

For return faxes I use the 08071xxxxxxx fax number provided free of charge by Tiscali (faxes are received as e-mails); this is due to the fact I have dial-up and therefore wouldn't know if I was being sent a proper fax, necessary in order to receive it.

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