mammak 21:41 26 Jun 2003

Jester2K II, my kid,s range from my son who is 21, my daughter 17 ( her boyfriend Arrraagh 19) and my baby only 6, they have put so much crap on my comp, it,s a wonder it,s still running, ie: kazaa ect, well the wean oh 6 has got her own comp and i vet everything she doe,s am in her face all the time, only sure way i know she,s going nowwhere i dont want her too, I did make up a fav,s list for her, ie; ect, that did let us breath a bit, but the sure way to make sure you kid,s dont go any where is too stay with them, it,s a pain but at least you know where they are, by the way the big one,s cant even log on without me now, their not happy but i am , it,s what you got to do to keep your kid,s safe, regard,s Mammak

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