Diemmess 15:37 29 Jun 2003

Same answers though put more brutally. (only reason is to try and help in the long term)

What you have done has many advantages in the long term but is not a good answer to your present problem.

Your freecom drive is fine for long term data storage, perhaps on its way to burning a CD.

External HDs cannot usually be used for the O/S and by their nature have a bottleneck with relatively slow data transfer compared with an internal HD.

Short term.........Try and transfer all data files like Word docs and any pictures you have to separate folders on the new drive. Also any downloads, and anything which doesn't have to be installed within windows.

Keep your Windows Temp and Temporary Internet folders cleared as often as possible and don't forget your recycle bin..... You may be able to run some programs from your external disk but they may go very slowly it depends on the program.

Longer term...........Keep your new external drive, but buy a new HD and install that in your computer's box...... There is lots of help and many past threads in this forum on how to do that.

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