Diemmess 15:31 16 Aug 2003

The letters you give the drives C:, D: and E: sugest that that is how they are mounted now (in your computer)?

Only bother with cloning if you are happy with the O/S you are cloning, because a clone is what you get warts and all!

So No, Xcopy will not work............. but making a Ghost Image or Drive Image will - if you make the image of D: in a partition which is not the primary partition in either D: or E: The final restoration will wipe anything else off that partition, (which is why you can't save the image there.)

Once you have done that you "Restore this image" to the primary partition of E:

All this assumes that the HD isn't going to offer a corrupt image due to its hairy state, and that you want to risk starting a new HD with a dodgy O/S installation.

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