woodchip 21:47 31 Aug 2003

Have you got a Autoexec.bat file on the floppy disc. This is what you should do to get CD-ROM to work in DOS. You need the correct drivers from the drive manufacturers site put them on a disc and load them from DOS when you get into windows you should see an extra CD-ROM Drivers folder in Explorer, also have a look at the Autoexec.bat file in Notepad to see if the Drivers are loaded, Windows will have put a REM in front of the Drivers, as they do not need to load in Windows. Right click on the Autoexec.bat and choose send to floppy then open the Autoexec.bat file on the floppy disc in Notepad to edit it and remove the REM and the space before the CD-ROM drivers save the file and exit that now will make your CD-ROM work in DOS, there should still be a Autoexec.bat file in Windows Explorer under C:\

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