Taff36 13:15 15 Sep 2003

To locate and move Your original address book and e-mail folders:

In explorer click once on your c drive to highlight it. Then CTRL + F Key. This will bring up a search box. Type in *.wab and search making a note of the full path to the correct Windows Address Book. Repeat using *.dbx to locate your old message folders and make a note of the path again.

Copy these files to a CD-ROM and switch them between machines. (I assume you have a CD Writer on both)

Copy them to a temporary directory on your new machine and in Explorer highlight them go to properties and change them from "Read Only"

You can import them into Outlook Express by going to the FILE > IMPORT menu and selecting them from their location. If you get stuck at this stage look in the help files of OE for a step by step guide.

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