Stuartli 15:29 24 Sep 2003

But you've got to win first to have any use for the program...:-)

But a perm of any six from eight is a straightforward number; presumably you are covering, perhaps, any six from eight, any seven from eight (which is eight) and all eight numbers.

Perhaps this will help:

click here

Just as a point of (financial) interest, if you do the same entry numbers at your local bookmakers, you will be far, far better off than on the Lottery if and when you win.

On the Lottery, no matter how many times you get three correct numbers you only get £10 - in the bookies it's up to £512 depending on whether the draw is from 42 (Irish) or 49 numbers (UK).

Other successful numbers listings bring equally handsome dividends. You can even bet on just one number, which pays a £6.50 dividend if you get it right.

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