hugh-265156 00:33 03 Oct 2003

red an white are your audio left and right channels and the yellow is the composite video.

you should have an svideo out(4 or seven pin socket)on your graphics card which you can buy a composite adapter for from the likes of maplins.connect the yellow plug to this and the adapter to the graphics card.

red and white will go to your sound card and if you have a budget one or use onboard sound then it will maybe only have a 3mm jack output(small headphone type plug)so then you will need to purchase or maybe have a custom lead made that consists of a 3mmjack and three phonos on one end(from the pc)to three phonos at the other and a scart adapter(the type that comes with a playstation or xbox) that takes the three plugs and converts so it fits in the scart(to the giga air)

hope that kinda makes sense.

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