Stuartli 15:35 06 Oct 2003

Dixons has a very good offer on its own brand rechargeable NiMH batteries at the moment at under £10 for eight 1800Mh types.

CPC in Preston sells a quick charge NiMH battery charger with both mains and car leads for £11.75 including VAT (click here), which is about half the usual price for such a charger.

You need a battery charger suitable for NiMH as well as NiCad rechargeables, as earlier NiCad ones cannot be used.

I've been dealing with CPC since the 1960s - it's now been part of the vast Farnall Group for many years and sells an almost overwhelming range of products to both the trade and public.

These include genuine spare parts for major TV, video and electronics manufacturers' products; a vast choice of computer systems, hardware, software, components etc and even vehicle accessories....

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