spuds 19:50 13 Oct 2003

Irrespect of what you do, you will never have a zero spam account.You can use one or more of the various anti spam programmes, but these only work to a certain extent.The people who send this rubbish out, usually have no trace or knowledge, as to where their 'advertising'shots are heading.Trying to check via various methods, as to the origination of the spam, is usually a waste of time, due to the way their systems are set-up.

I would suggest that your ISP is contacted, and advice sought from them. It is becoming more regular now, that a number of ISP are providing anti spam services, for a small fee.You would find that these services usually mention, that spam prevention is not a 100%, so some 'bad'emails may still find there way to your box.I have always stated that it is about time the legal authorities, took a more servere look at this problem.But time will only tell.

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