PA28 12:39 22 Oct 2003

What are the specs of your computer and what OS are you working under. Given this, we'll be able to advise better. I am thinking that you can get a reasonable 80gig drive for around the £60 mark now, and if it doesn't work as a replacement for your existing 5gig drive, then the money's not wasted as you will be able to install it in any new machine as a second drive. Although it may be frowned upon, I'm still running under 98SE with both a 60gig and an 80gig installed without (many) problems. If - as is said above - your BIOS proves to be the stumbling block, then a new machine (or Mobo/Processor/Mem upgrade) may be the best route - but we can advise better when we know what you're playing with at the moment. Worth a try?

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