beeuuem 23:10 23 Nov 2003

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Turn All Of Your Old Bootable Floppies Into Bootable Cd's [the easy way]

First Of All You Need A Cd-Burner, Nero Burning Rom v5.5 or higher
A Floppie Drive, A Blank CDR Disk
When You Have Everything:
Load Up Nero With Your Floppy In The Drive And Blank Cd In The Cd-Recorder
Close The Wizard
Hold Ctrl + N
Until A Box Appears
Scroll Down The List Until You Reach CDROM (Boot)
Click It
Bootable Logical Drive Must Be A:
Click The Burn TAB
Click New
Click File
Then Write Cd
Then Write

Thanks to Chris Coombes for above. Nero is available here. Sure there are other applications that do it but Nero seems to have an edge up on drive compatibility.

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