SantasLittleHelper 20:38 01 Dec 2003

Hi, it might be worth trying the following, go to Page, then page properties. select custom and set the page size you want. Save this as custom.mwp and save it in the Lotus\smartmasters\word pro directory. Go to the File menu, select User Setup and then Word Pro Preferences, select default files tag, click on browse and go to where you saved the custom.wmp file and select this. When you start Word Pro this will be the new default page size. If you only use your custom size occasionally change the file back to default.mwp using the procedure above. Every time you click on new document in the File menu you will have the choice of either default.mwp or custom.mwp. you can do this with as many page sizes as you want giving each one a different file name.

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