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Accessing mail through Outlook Express 5.X and above

We have developed an online automated tool to help you setup Outlook Express 5.x to access your msn mail account. To use this tool click on the following link, login using your msn email address and password then follow the online instructions click here
If you would like to configure Outlook Express 5.X manually here are the instructions below:

Whilst running Outlook/Outlook Express, click Tools and then select Accounts.
Click the Add button and then select Mail.
In the Display Name textbox, type the name you wish to be associated with this account.

Click the Next button.
Click I already have an e-mail address that I’d like to use. Then enter in the box below your Internet access user names appended with e.g. [email protected]. Do not use [email protected] as this will not work.
From the My Incoming mail server is a <> server dropdown menu, select HTTP.
From the My HTTP mail server provider is dropdown menu, select Other.
In the Incoming mail (POP3, IMAP or HTTP) server textbox, type click here . Then Click Next
In the Account Name textbox, type your MSN email address, [email protected] and in the password box enter your msn internet access password. If you do not remember your password we have online instructions to show you how to get a new one. Open your web browser and go to click here
Click the Next button.
Click the Finish button and then click Close.
You will then be presented with a box asking you Would you like to download folders from the mail server you have added? Click Yes. Once completed your msn mail box is now ready to use.

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