Al94 14:02 23 Dec 2003

I have a Netgear DG824M dsl wireless broadband modem/router, three PC's connected in a home network, one hardwired (beside router) and two wirelessly in different parts of the house. Also son's PS2 is connected. Wifes PC uses a netgear USB wireless adaptor and my laptop uses a Belkin pcmcia card. It was a dream to set up, very easy web based interface, also very easy to change firewall settings for different purposes, eg PS2 and son's PC using a webcam. Sharing printers also works effortlessly.

3 year warranty on the netgear kit and total reliability and great performance means I am happy with this kit and would'nt hesitate to recommend. A friend recently went for BT USB adaptors and a speedtouch 570 wireless modem router which by comparison, was a nightmare to set up (and keep set up)

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