No TIME Reload CD

  busybaz 09:58 09 Jan 2010

Friend asked if I could check out his PC. Error message "....C:\Windows\System32\Config\System is missing or corrupt" at boot.

I started to try procedure at click here , using recovery console via my XP Pro CD [old Time Computers
PC, ergo no Windows XP Home Edition CD], but administrator password is not known [did Time have a standard Administrator password?].

Had partial success attaching his drive as a slave to my PC & copying files from Repair to System32\Config. Back on original PC as master, occasionally booted up but as user "Owner" without Administrator access!!!!!. Same procedure does not work with files from System Volume information\Recovery Point files.

The warning at the beginning of the article obviously comes into play [Warning Do not use the procedure that is described in this article if your computer has an OEM-installed operating system. The system hive on OEM installations creates passwords and user accounts that did not exist previously. If you use the procedure that is described in this article, you may not be able to log back into the recovery console to restore the original registry hives]

Can't make my mind up if the HDD is on it's way out [keeps running Disk Check when swapped about]

There was no support package with the PC, therefore no Reload CD, but there is obviously a hidden partition [Seagate 120GB HDD, only one partition circa 111GB shows]. Is there any way to unhide the Backup partition? If so, would I be able to run a "Reload"? [Returns to original settings only, but it would show me if it was HDD\hardware fault or Operating System error.

Any XP guru\genius out there that can help?!!!!!!!!!

  Graphicool1 16:28 09 Jan 2010

Right Click 'My Computer'
Select 'Manage',
Under 'Storage' you should see 'Disc Management'
Select that and you should see your hard drive and partitions.
Select the partition that has your recovery information in it.
Select 'Action', 'All Tasks'
Then 'Make partition active' click OK.
Now you should be able to see it in 'My Computer'.
Search for the '.exe' files, there will be one that is called...
restore, recover, reformat or something like that. Click it and that should start your recovery program.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:51 09 Jan 2010

Will it now boot to safe mode?

Reset password for Windows XP by hitting f8 at bootup, select safe mode, at logon, go to the admin account, use control panel to change / delete password.

  busybaz 18:07 10 Jan 2010

Thanks for the interest,guys.

Graphicool - no can do Disk Management,only shows the main C:\ partition, not the hidden one.

Fruit Bat - thought you had the answer for password. Booted into safe mode and was allowed to select Administrator login but nothing happened when trying to select User Accounts in Control Panel.

Would like to reformat and install OS from scratch (PC case has serial No for XP Home, license should therefore allow for a copy of the OS?) but am loathe to let circa 9GB escape!!!!

  canarieslover 18:43 10 Jan 2010

If it is a 120gb drive you will find that after formating Windows will report round about 111gb so I doubt that there is a hidden partition. If there was you should have been able to see it when attached to another computer.

  canarieslover 18:51 10 Jan 2010

I have also found this company that apparently do Time recovery CD's. click here Keep scrolling down as they are quite a way down the page.

  busybaz 19:31 10 Jan 2010

Thanks Canarieslover [Norwich?!]Thanks Canarieslover [Norwich?!]

By my calculation, formatting would show nearer 117GB? [HDD manufacturers tend to work in 1000 for a MB rather than 1024?] Have tried Partition Magic 8 whilst drive a slave and got following message;

"Powerquest Partition Magic [PPM] has detected an error 110 on the partition starting at sector 63 on disk 2.
The length of the partition in the partition table is incorrect. The CHS length is 228894057, the LBA length is 228878336 and the file system length is 228878336

PPM has determined that the length can be changed to the correct value of 228894057.

Would you like PPM to fix this error? YES/NO"

I chose no as Google for this message indicates problems!!!

Also tried PTEDIT32 but that only shows one partition circa 111GB. Were TIME so bad that they could sell a PC without an OS disc AND no recovery option?

  busybaz 12:37 12 Jan 2010

Forgot to add on last post that Partition Magic display showed the slave disk as "111756MB. BAD"

  busybaz 12:43 12 Jan 2010

Not resolved but closing subject, thanks for any/all input.

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