No Text in Menus and Dialogs & Bad Image when starting a program after 30 minutes!

  VOT Productions 09:50 26 Jul 2012

Hey you! (I'm using Windows XP)

I have a big problem.

After 30 minutes of using my PC, the first sign is that my start menu blanks out and I can only see the icons. The second sign is that my title bars and taskbar blanks out. Finally, if I'm working on a word document or chatting through Skype, the text inside it blanks. The point I'm trying to say is that every bit of text is now invisible.

Here's my second problem when it happens. I try to open up Task Manager and see what's actually causing the problem, I get an error. But, the problem is that I can't actually see what the error is because it's blank!

That's not all, when I try to access Chrome, I get a Bad Image error and the content of the dialog is, surprise surprise, blank.

All Programs is also emptied out and I get (empty) 70% of the time. The rest of the time I can't see that.

Now, here's the thing: If I go and hard reset my computer (because it won't let me shutdown through Windows), it goes back to normal! It's also not exactly 30 minutes, sometimes it can work to up to an hour.

Another thing is, when I try to install updates it doesn't give me the restart now option, just restart later!

Here's what I tried:

A Malwarebytes scan didn't reveal anything.

My Avast scan is half way through my HDD, but so far nothing.

TDSSKiller. Nope, nothing.

HijackThis doesn't show anything suspicious...

...nor does checking msconfig's Services and Startup tabs.

Could it be because of low disk space? I have 2GB left and I'm planning to buy a new HDD, but I'm wondering if that could be the problem.

VOT Productions

  Strawballs 12:43 26 Jul 2012

If you have your original you try a Repair install of xp which will not affect any of your data it will just overwrite XP

  Strawballs 12:44 26 Jul 2012

That should read your original XP disc

  VOT Productions 10:16 27 Jul 2012

And XP came with my computer, so that's out of option.

Is there any possibility left?

  VOT Productions 10:27 27 Jul 2012

Next problem:

Steam.exe (main exception): Unable to load library SteamUI.dll, Win32 Error 5 "Access is denied"

I fixed it by changing permissions back, but they were screwed up for Steam's folder. Just a thing to note.

  robin_x 11:42 27 Jul 2012

You may have a Recovery Partition to restore back to Factory settings. Since that wipes your disk, you would need to backup your files first.

All programs would also need to be reinstalled.

Or you could try making your own XP CD to do a Repair Install.

One quick thing you could try first is System File Checker.

Start Run sfc /scannow

What make and model is PC?

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