No task bar when on website

  ponytail 08:14 29 Sep 2014

Just notice a unusual thing when I logged into my bank account there was no task bar at the bottom and I need to use it.While I am typing this there is still no task bar but if I go back to the desktop the task bar is there any ideas.Going to try rebooting the laptop and see what happens will post the result soon

  ponytail 08:29 29 Sep 2014

Have done the reboot and no change where the taskbar should be there is a small double ended arrow where the cursor touches the bottom of the screen.But when I log out of PCA and get the desktop showing the taskbar is there.

  ponytail 09:24 29 Sep 2014

Hi jock1e Did what you suggested when I first pressed F11 the arrow dissapeared but still no taskbar when I pressed F11 again the arrow returned

  ponytail 09:33 29 Sep 2014

Hi Again jock1e seems ok now I did what you suggested but started by right clicking the task bar then properties and auto hide was ticked so un-ticked it which seems to have cured it.One query why would auto hide be ticked as it was ok last night

  ponytail 09:41 29 Sep 2014

Thanks for your help

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