No TalkSport radio but all others OK

  bigkenny 11:52 23 Jan 2015

I have a problem with my Wi-Fi radio. It’s a Pure One Flow. It’s connecting with my Wi-Fi router (which is a TP-LINK TD-W8901G) which is about 1 foot away from the router. My Broadband is with TalkTalk

I can get all Wi-Fi radio Channels (well what Ive tested on) the only one Im struggling with (and the one I listen to all the time) is TalkSPORT radio. The UK Sports radio Channel

When I try to get this radio station, all I get is:-

This content is temporarily unavailable

I`ve done all normal things to get it like factory reset on the Pure Radio and put all settings in again.

Reset Router switched off at mains and left for some time. Reset Router (pressed small button with paper clip on back of router)

Changed settings in router like Channel number (from 6 to 1, tried 11 etc.)

Authentication Type turned off (Disabled) Encryption changed from AES to TKIP

All other Wi-Fi products in the house are working OK.

I had the same problem some months ago so when this happened I switched router off and did factory reset on router and it seemed to have done the trick, but this time it has not done it. I`ve run out of ideas if it was not me wanting this particular radio station TalkSPORT I would not even know there was a problem.

When it first happened, I got in touch with Pure but they could not help.

Can you help?


  northumbria61 12:09 23 Jan 2015

Anything here to help? From this LINK click on "clicking here" under RADIO to check coverage or other ways to listen to Talksport

  bigkenny 12:50 23 Jan 2015

well I know about this, yes I could just listen via my PC but I got my internet radio so I can move around the house room to room. It was/has been working and a few months ago had this problem. It was fixed but has come back again. Its somthing in my router connection I`m sure but just cannot pin it down DNS settings or IP address maybe??

I was hoping some one might have had similar problem. On The Pure support/user groups a similar problem was reported (2 yrs or so ago) but i never saw an answer that fixed it

  northumbria61 13:05 23 Jan 2015

I don't have a Wi-Fi radio so I am really clutching at straws. You appear to have tried all of the things that I would have tried myself and I can only suggest that you contact Talksport via their Contact Form - you really have nothing to lose by doing so.

  bigkenny 13:37 23 Jan 2015

I`ve notied as well I cannot get Sky sports News radio. I have also installed a brand new unused router from TalkTalk. I have kept it back as a backup router (they sent me a while ago) I have not changed anything on it. So its straight out of the box plugged into my laptop via ethernet cable and testing Pure Radio via wifi.

I`m listing to WSRZ Sarasota radio now live from Florida (as I should be there now on holiday ;-) So its working OK but these 2 radio stations same problem

Talksport and Sky sports News radio.

i`m going to turn my computer off now so the only thing switched on is the router and the Pure radio. See if my computer is conflicting with the radio

  bigkenny 15:58 23 Jan 2015

No it made no difference turning computer off so only wifi radio switched on and router. I even went to my ISP web site (TalkTalk) and switched setting off for Home Security on all still the same.

I`ve run out of ideas now

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