no spell check with outlook express and works 7?

  jake williamson 11:31 10 Jan 2004

hey out there,

i've got outlook express and works 7 installed on my dell 8300 running winXP home.

i aint got no spell check! from what i've read, it should be enabled but no joy...

as i'm dyslexic, this is a major pain!

can i enable it, or am i'm better off looking at an alternative email app?



  Big Elf 11:42 10 Jan 2004

This link might help click here

  huzzar 11:46 10 Jan 2004

Hi jake, There is a spellchecker in Outlook Express, it is available when you write an email. If it is not visible on the toolbar go to the Tools menu or press F7. Right click on the toolbar then select customise to sort out your toolbar.

I dont know about Works 7 but look in your Tool menu it should be there.

  Djohn 12:16 10 Jan 2004

Doesn't the spell check facility in IE come from "Word"? If so and works 7 uses a different word processor than Office, it may not be available.

If you do have it installed and it's not showing on the toolbar of your email, then click on maximise on the email window and it will then show up. In the normal sized window the toolbar is too short to have it on show.

If neither of above help, then download this excellent free program that will place an Icon on your IE toolbar, can also be used in the "Message box" of this forum. IE Spell. click here

After typing, you just right click anywhere in the area of the typing and choose "Spell check".

Don't forget to change the settings from US English to UK English and you'll never make a smell mistake again.

  Djohn 12:18 10 Jan 2004

"Smell" should be "Spell" Pity it doesn't check for typo's! :o(

  Belatucadrus 13:46 10 Jan 2004

Try Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail client click here better than Outlook express and has it's own spellcheck.

Djohn is correct the Outlook express spellcheck is just a link, see this quote from the Outlook Express help file

"To check the spelling in messages

Outlook Express uses the spelling checker provided with the following Microsoft Office programs: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint. If you do not have one of these programs installed, the Spelling command is not available."

  Valvegrid 13:55 10 Jan 2004

As Belatucadrus says, unless you've got a MS word package installed OE spellcheck doesn't work, I have the same problem as I use Open Office.

This link you can download and install a spellcheck program for OE. click here


  jake williamson 18:13 10 Jan 2004

hey out there,

thanks to everyone for the suggestions. bit pants that you have to buy the office (or word) suite to get a spell checker!mind you, i seem to remember the same situation when i used a mac not so long ago though so it must be a universal microsoft thang...

gonna give all the suggestions - very interested in the 'Thunderbird' project, open source is very cool!

thanks again, be lost with out ya!



  woodchip 18:22 10 Jan 2004

Djohn as got it right, spell check with outlook express is dependent on Microsoft Word Language files being loaded

  Valvegrid 18:28 10 Jan 2004

Oh well!

  spik 20:28 22 Jun 2004

Microsoft Works version 7 will not work the spell check in Outlook Express 6 if there has previously been an earlier version of Works installed. I stumbled across this gem from Microsoft while struggling to get a spell checker after installing version 7. Microsoft say Hard Luck. Great isn't it?

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