No space on hard drive....???!

  railauk 00:50 08 Feb 2004

I was getting the popup box telling me that I needed to free up some space on my hard drive so I deleted over 4GB of video files and even after emptying the recycle bin I kept getting the same message....I checked the disk space and it showed 151 MB as free......can someone please explain what happened to the space I created?!?

Many thanks in advance!

(oh and I have Windows XP)

  The Spires 01:08 08 Feb 2004

151 meg is not much space, if you deleted 4 Gig of files you should have that much space at least. You may have errors on your disk, if you right click the C:\ in My Computer, select properties then Tools & Error Checking & reboot.

  railauk 11:05 08 Feb 2004

...I tried that ( I have freed up some more space in the meanwhile too) but even after doing that I still had only 151 mb free... :(

  Dazwm 11:16 08 Feb 2004

Silly question but did you delete them from the recycle bin?

  railauk 11:23 08 Feb 2004

After deleting them I emptied the recycle bin as I normally would....I just don't get it!

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 11:26 08 Feb 2004

Is this xp? if so try lowering your system restore disc settings to free up space.


  railauk 11:41 08 Feb 2004

System Restore is on the lowest setting (200mb) but it does show the status of HDDC as suspended due to low disc space, it states I need to run a disk cleanup and ensure there is at least 200mb free (which is strange as there is more than that available now) but I am in the process of running disk cleanup (again) to see if that helps.

I really appreciate everyones help and welcome anymore suggestions you may have!

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