No Sound/Sound card Error

  Zell. D 14:32 02 Mar 2003

Sync abut Monday i hav not been able to play eny audio atall on my computer, i havnt don enything to my sound chip or (to my knollage) activated or downloded eny program that would stop me using it. Would you need eny specific details to help me, also whats the best Windows Media Player for '98.This is the error i keep geting:-
"Cannot play back the audio stream: no audio hardware is available, or the hardware is not responding."

  Rayuk 16:05 02 Mar 2003

Uninstal your sound drivers then reboot and reinstal drivers when Windows detects sound card.

  Zell. D 17:55 02 Mar 2003

whith what do i reload the drivers, Win98 disk? or the Driver colection Disk or dose it do it automaticly?? Whers the best place to delite the drivers.

  Rayuk 18:10 02 Mar 2003

Is your sound onboard or seperate pci card?
You should be able to delete drivers from add/remove programs.
Do you know the name of your onboard/sound card?

  Zell. D 20:07 02 Mar 2003

no i dont know what it is, how do i find out??????

  Rayuk 17:16 03 Mar 2003

Download Aida32 instal it,you can then see everything you have,motherboard graphics sound etc. click here

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