No Sound..M'Board ?

  B.J. 22:56 21 Sep 2008

My mates desktop PC has no sound working. I've checked the easy stuff.....I think. Looking at the back of the box there seems to be no sound card although there are slots with covers on 'em so I suspect it's on board sound from the mother board. I can't find the M'board details on the PC to check if it would tell me.Is that the place to start finding the M'board info. Any ideas please ?

  ambra4 00:03 22 Sep 2008

Is there a pink connector, a light green connector and a blue conector at the back of the computer close to where the USB ports are

Pink - mic In

Light Green - Speakers Out

Blue - Line In

If not showing you need to install a sound card

what make and model of pc

  Stuartli 00:17 22 Sep 2008

If you go to Start>Accessories>System Tools>System Information, you will be able to find details of your motherboard.

The motherboard manufacturer is listed under System Manufacturer and the motherboard itself as System Model; mine, for example, is built by MSI and is an MS-7021 model.

Any onboard sound chipset details (most likely Realtek or C-Media) will be listed as well - once you know the brand and chipset model you will be able to download the latest drivers from the respective website.

This will be detailed under Components>Sound Device (look for AC'97 which represents onboard sound).

  Stuartli 00:18 22 Sep 2008

If you have onboard sound, you will have the connections mentioned by ambra4 available at the rear of the system case.

  birdface 00:57 22 Sep 2008

You can download and run SIW that will give you all details of what you have on your here

  mrwoowoo 02:28 22 Sep 2008

Sometimes the onboard sound can get knocked out in the bios.
Enter the bios by pressing F1,F2 or DEL on boot up, depending on your board.If you're quick enough it will tell you on screen which to press whilst it is booting.
Look in the bios to see if onboard sound is enabled.

  B.J. 21:07 22 Sep 2008

You have given me a good few ideas what to look at when I go round next....THANKS AGAIN

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