No sound in XP - Vista HD running perfectly

  eoinrua 03:00 27 May 2007


Running Vista but decided to install XP (on second SATA drive) to access old programs and install Linux.

Going well, but I'm getting no sound in XP at all. Vista's fine for sound but there's nothing to be heard in XP.

Linux has nothing to do with the problems above. I'd really like it so's I could run my old Pinnacle Studio software.

Vista compatibility wizard, by the way, is rubbish. It runs none of my old games. That's why I went XP.

But it all seems pointless without sound. Help!

Machine's a Dell Dimension E520, 1.8 Intel Duo Core, 1GB memory. (Fear runs perfectly, by the way, but it's the only game that does.)

No sound whatsoever in XP.

  mocha 05:51 27 May 2007

What sound drivers are you using for XP, are they XP compatible.

If you go to 'Control Panel', 'System', 'Hardware', 'Device Manager'. Is there a yellow exclamation mark against the 'Sound, Video and Games controllers'.

  eoinrua 23:44 27 May 2007

I'll get back to you on that Mocha. Did a quick check on Device Manger, but everything seemed OK.

I'll have a closer look and get back to you.


  eoinrua 23:27 28 May 2007

Have gone back onto the Vista hard drive and checked out the driver situation.
It seems the driver in question is the SigmaTel High Definition Audio codec.
Can I copy this across to the other hard drive in any way, or will I have to download a fresh version for XP?
The Intel/SigmaTel website is a bit confusion as to which flavour of driver I need.
Any help will be appreciated.

  mocha 09:08 29 May 2007

Have you expanded the 'Sound, Video and Games controllers' in device manager on your XP and checked all codecs etc are ok, if not ok they will have an exclamation mark at side.

If device Manager in XP is saying that the sound drivers are installed and everything ok. you should not have to re-install drivers.

Only use drivers that are specifically for XP on your XP installation.

Have you checked out volume control. Usually found in system tray. Double click it and bring up the advanced settings. You will see about seven volume settings, make sure all are on full.

  eoinrua 00:02 30 May 2007

What's happening is that I get an error code - 0xC00D11BA, Cannot Play File. That extends to any file. All the existing sound codecs seem to be fine - no exlamation marks and they're all 'working properly'.

I actually downloaded a SigmaTel driver for XP, but it made no difference and anything audio now gives me a "Code 10, Cannot Start" message.

I noticed there was another SigmaTel XP driver; perhaps I should try downloading that. All volume settings etc are fine.

Baffled. Perhaps I should download that other driver.

  ashdav 02:03 30 May 2007

go to click here download and run it.
In the left hand column select motherboard and tell us what is listed against Southbridge.

  ashdav 02:05 30 May 2007

Select English version (top box)

  eoinrua 15:19 03 Jun 2007

Hi ashdav, sorry for the delay - one of the disadvantages of being on dialup!

Anyway, here's the Southbridge info:

Property Value
South Bridge 82801HH (ICH8DH) LPC Interface Controller

As per my previous post, BTW, I did download the other driver, but it made no difference.

Hope you can help.

  eoinrua 21:32 16 Jun 2007

I resolved the problem. I ditched XP and installed Linux on my second hard drive.

It's the way to go. I had to update my DV editing software to run on Vista and that's about the only thing I use Windows for anymore.

Give your computer a reason to live - choose Linux!

  ashdav 00:37 19 Jun 2007

Good for you.
What distro did you choose ?
Using XP/Vista/Kubuntu myself.Although Vista is going soon as it's too flaky

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