No sound from WMP

  Skeletor 12:00 02 Mar 2006

When I play a DVD in WMP which has been burnt of home movies, the picture is fine, but there is no sound. I've checked all the Options for sound that I can find, and made sure the volume settings are ok. If I try playing the DVD in Power DVD everything is fine.
Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks, Steve

XP Home SP2

  Stuartli 12:27 02 Mar 2006

There's a Mute button in WMP - you haven't Enabled it by any chance?

You may also be missing a required audio oodec(s).

  Skeletor 12:43 02 Mar 2006

Thanks Stuartli,

No, I've checked that the mute button isn't enabled.

DVD's used to play OK. The sound problem I'm having is quite a recent one.

How do I know which codec I need?

Should add that I have the latest version of WMP.

Cheers, Steve

  Stuartli 12:52 02 Mar 2006

As you already have PowerDVD (and with DVD enabled in WMP's Files Types) you shouldn't have any problems playing DVDs with WMP.

WMP requires a software or hardware DVD decoder to be installed to be able to play DVDs.

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