No sound when watching TV

  bollo 21:45 15 Jan 2004

I have a MV Ionix 98 with VGA 128MB Ati Radeon 9800SE.
I can watch TV but i can't hear any sound.
Can somebody help?
Thanks in advance Bollo

  tafoody 22:19 15 Jan 2004

on my PC i have to enable 'auxiliary' in play control (the volume levels)

double-clicking the speaker icon down by the clock should open play control.

if 'auxiliary' isnt listed, click options \ properties, then add it to the list.

  Bacon & Eggs 13:41 16 Jan 2004

I have an MV (*sniff, RIP*) fitted with a TV card that is separate from the graphics card. To get audio I need a cable running from one the the holes on the TV card to the line-in (i believe) on the graphics card.

You didn't say whether your TV and gfx cards are separate (i'm not familiar with the 9800SE) but if so, you know what to do. Took me about a week to figure it out personally...

  Chegs ® 13:48 16 Jan 2004

I had a Pinnacle RAVE tv card,it refused to allow audio playback until I located a different driver for it.I went thru every single cfg setting trying to get audio out,but with the different driver,it started working as it should instantly.

  woodchip 13:52 16 Jan 2004

I have a WinPCI card and have a wire on the back of the card to line in on sound card

  Bacon & Eggs 14:14 16 Jan 2004

Sorry.. it is Friday after all... I did of course mean that the cable on mine goes to the line-in on the sound card.

Leadtek Winfast TV card --> SB Audigy.

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