No sound when using Nero 6

  terendak_uk 12:09 03 Apr 2004

Just d'loaded the demo version of latest Nero. Can't get any sound when I play any audio file. If I play them in winamp, WMP etc no problem at all. I've got Nero 5.....same problem. That's why I uninstalled it , then d'loaded latest demo. Any ideas would be gratefully recd.Got XP,Athlon 650, 512MbRAM, Hercules Muse Sound card. As I problem with sound, except with Nero.I have also got Roxio5 Platinum installed and that plays the same tracks without a problem.

  arricarry 12:52 03 Apr 2004

Hello - are you using Nero media player, and is it set up as your default player. You should get a list of players when you insert a disk, or it may be that Nero don't like the Roxio.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 13:19 03 Apr 2004

Try opening the cd copy dialoge as if you were going to copy the misic to disk drag what you want to the disk then you should get a option to listen to the music before you copy it see if it plays then.


  terendak_uk 13:50 03 Apr 2004

None work. I press "play" in Nero and one can see the progress bar, well, progressing but, no sound. Interestingly, same with REAL Player. Yet, Winamp, Roxio and WMP can play the same tracks, so what is going on.........Nothing on their web site either.

  terendak_uk 19:32 03 Apr 2004

anyone any more ideas, please?

  terendak_uk 20:39 03 Apr 2004

took advice to d'load demo Nero but, after reinstall, no luck still....any advice?

  terendak_uk 20:42 03 Apr 2004

recorded to H'drive an album as one side. I want to separate the tracks. Nero 6 was recommended....Installed Ok but can't get it to play/hear any audio. Have Roxio 5 Platinum and Nero 5 installed but I can't find a track editor in either( presumably not there).

  terendak_uk 20:44 03 Apr 2004

I removed Nero 5 before d'loading the 6 demo.

  arricarry 23:32 03 Apr 2004

Is that the real one player?

  arricarry 23:36 03 Apr 2004

Do you actually need 5 different players, if you can reinstall them easily, perhaps you can get a mix of players that tolerate each other. I would dump real player first to see if it made any difference.

  arricarry 23:43 03 Apr 2004

Can you make a playlist in WMP?

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