no sound when recording using vista please help.

  ozzy 123 22:10 28 Jul 2007

Hi thanks for reading this
im running a pc on windows vista home premium.
when i try to record sounds from my soundcard using one of the free sound recorders off the internet i cant hear any records the file but when i play it back it has no sound allthough you can see the slide bar moving across the screen as though it is playing.
im new to vista and still finding my way around.
the sound recorder im using at the moment is audacity 1.3 beta (unicode).
but you name it ive tried it. but all of them have the same effect every time.
many thanks in advance ozzy

  rdave13 22:38 28 Jul 2007

On the taskbar have you tried the volume controls?

  rdave13 22:42 28 Jul 2007

another offering is to turn off User Account Control.

  rdave13 22:43 28 Jul 2007

It's a pain in the ass anyway..:))

  ozzy 123 22:52 28 Jul 2007

hi my volume is it plays sounds off the net and cds
how do i turn off user account control.

  rdave13 00:39 29 Jul 2007

Control panel--security--security center--under User Account Control click on turn off now. You'll need to reboot.

  ozzy 123 19:00 29 Jul 2007

ive tried everything but nothing seems to work.
ive turned off user account controll but it still doesnt work

  rdave13 10:54 30 Jul 2007

Ok. If you're sure that all is working in Vista, ie right click sound icon in sys tray and check playback devices and recoring devices then it must be settings in Audacity.In Audacity click edit then preferences.My playback setting is for internal speaker/headphones. Recording is set to Wave Out Mix. I also use the 1.2.6. version.

  ozzy 123 21:12 30 Jul 2007

Ok i give ive tried everything but nothing works.
when i went into audacity preferences i set it to my laptops speakers but the recording tab only has my microphone settings and not wave out mix.
but i think the problem lies with my laptop because i cant even copy with mp3 my mp3 whitch i used for ages on xp. please help

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