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No sound when I connect to TV

  Tycho 17:00 27 Jul 2013

I tried to watch a You Tube video on my Dell Inspiron N5010 using a HDMI cable. The sound would not play through the TV but only through the internal speaker on the laptop.

What should I be doing to get the sound through the TV?

In hopes


  Tycho 17:05 27 Jul 2013


I am using W7 and Chrome.


  woodchip 17:22 27 Jul 2013

To get sound you will need a HDMI to HDMI or you will need to run a Sound cable from Earphone socket on Laptop to Sound in on TV or Microphone Socket if there is one

  john bunyan 17:22 27 Jul 2013

It should work automatically. If there is more than one HDMI socket on the TV, try it. Also just unplugging and replugging may work. Does the HDMI cable work with other apparatus? Does it work with BBC iPlayer?

  Secret-Squirrel 17:28 27 Jul 2013

Tycho, as you may already know, the HDMI cable also carries audio so you won't need to connect any extra cables.

Hopefully tweaking your audio settings will get the sound working - see here.

1]: [click here

  Tycho 19:35 27 Jul 2013

Thanks Mr Squirrel.

The answer from Laz 2 was effectively the same.

Thanks for the help


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