no sound in videos on my laptop

  Akmes 16:25 26 Nov 2016

I got an unusual problem with my laptop earlier today in which while playing videos like movies i cant hear the sound. i tried another format's video and happened the same. The laptop's sound is normal because i get sounds when playing youtube or other videos on facebook but the only time it happens is whenever i try to open a downloaded video from my computer. PLZ help me out.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:45 26 Nov 2016

what program are you using to play the videos?

Try using VLC player as it should play the majority of file formats

  Akmes 20:55 26 Nov 2016

I use Vlc always. it isn't a format problem, the same video was playing yesterday on VLC and today it wont give sound.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:45 26 Nov 2016

Check sound settings for mute

Check device drivers

  Akmes 20:35 27 Nov 2016

I checked the sound settings for like ten times. updated the drivers thrice and result the same. so i installed my windows again and that solved the problem. But i wanted to find a solution without reinstalling the windows that i couldnt. Anyhow it is all fine and working now. Thanks for the response though . I really appreciate that.

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