no sound using DVD player

  divineroodog 22:01 20 Jan 2003
  divineroodog 22:01 20 Jan 2003

Recently purchased 2nd hand computer from a store that installed a DVD player as an upgrade to the package. (power DVD) it works fine, but there is no sound. all other sound works fine including audio CD's. i cannot uninstall/re-install power DVD due to not phisically owning the software.
i downloaded 'real player' but still no sound whilst playing DVD's. i just found out that there is no sound when playing a movie clip through 'windows media player'.
i am using windows '98, ZIP pc, 1300mhz.
i know it sounds silly, but im not even sure what my sound card is (if i have one at all?) could it be 'SIS'?
thanks for reading, and hopefully your help!!

  Lú-tzé 22:11 20 Jan 2003

Check the Device manager to see what sound you have (right click "my computer" choose "properties" and then device manager).

If anything to do with audio has an exclaimation mark, let us know.

Check in BIOS if sound is enabled.

Do you get any sound from the PC - playing windows default sounds etc?

  GORAL 22:13 20 Jan 2003

No offence meant - but YOU purchased the PC and also Cybermedia's Power DVD. Get the store to fix it for you and at same time get a licensed copy of Power DVD from them.

  divineroodog 22:30 20 Jan 2003

1) there is sound on everything but the dvd player.
2) there is no conflicting evidence on anything audio in the divice manager. (no exclamation marks etc.)
3) yes, you are right, i should have been more thorough checking the unit before leaving the store, but its done now!
thanks for your help guys!

  cosh 22:49 20 Jan 2003

Have you got audio inputs switched off in MULTIMEDIA?
I have windows 98 and at the bottom right of the screen in the task bar is a loudspeaker symbol. If I right click on this I get the option to "open volume controls" where I can switch on/off various sound sources.
If you do not have the loudspeaker symbol in the task bar you can get it by "START- SETTINGS - CONTROL PANEL-open MULTIMEDIA and the option to show volume control(loudspeaker symbol) on task bar will be available.
Maybe you are way beyond this stage but I thought I might be helpful.

  redelf 01:18 21 Jan 2003

Do you have separate CD and DVD drives, and is the sound coming from the CD drive ? The soundcard can only receive signals form one source, so you may need to check, then follow cosh's advice above on volume controls.

What sound card do you have ? Does it have special settings for surround sound in DVD ? If it does you need to make sure it is set up for the number of speakers you have.

  MalcSP 09:02 21 Jan 2003

Open up the case, you will probably find that there is no sound cable going from your DVD to the sound card/mobo. It will go to the CDROM. Unplug it from there and plug it into the DVD. It is the two-wire cable on a flat connector on the RHS back of the CDROM. Looking at it from the front. It goes into the same place in the DVD drive. The sound will now come from there not the CDROM!

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