No Sound from TV Card Or Line in

  BigAl127 16:34 03 Oct 2005

I've got a mercury tv card, I get a perfect picture, but no sound when I connect the lead from the tv card to the sound card input there's no sound thru the speakers. But if I connect to the microphone socket, I get sound.

Any ideas why it works on Microphone but not through line in?

  amonra 16:43 03 Oct 2005

Go to START/All Progs/Entertainment/ Volume Cntrl and click on. See if any I/Ps are muted or turned down.

  BigAl127 18:20 03 Oct 2005

I don't have or can't see that listed in my programs at all. I have checked the settings through the volume controls and none are muted or turned down.

HHow should the audio lead connect from the TV Card to the soundcard?

  Stuartli 18:28 03 Oct 2005

What is the soundcard?

On a SoundBlaster Live! the most suitable audio connection for your TV sound is at the opposite end of the sound card to the main jackplug sockets (not the top CD, AUX etc sockets).

  De Marcus™ 18:31 03 Oct 2005

The short audio cable that was packaged with the tuner should plug in next to the remote socket on the tv card and into your pc's line in socket.

You can download the manual from click here

  woodchip 19:13 03 Oct 2005

There could be two reasons for this. It may need a cable connecting from the back of the TV card to the line in on sound card or, double click the sound ICON in system tray this will bring up Volume Control see if there is anything muted also click the options top left/Recording to get at those options

  BigAl127 22:25 03 Oct 2005

Thanks everyone for your replies. I have the audio lead connected as Woodchip advises, and nothing is showing muted in volume control.

I have downloaded the manual from DeMarcus's link, and will check a few things as detailed in there.

Will reply again when i've tested things tomorrow.

Once again, many thanks.

  woodchip 22:51 03 Oct 2005

try reloading the software or try downloading a update for the card

  woodchip 22:52 03 Oct 2005

It may be a faulty cable at the back or try wiggling the plugs while its on

  phono 23:03 03 Oct 2005

Have you chosen the correct audio device in the Tuner card setup options?

Now that modern soundcards can have the input/output sockets reassigned to various combinations could this be your problem?

  DieSse 23:18 03 Oct 2005

Have you got the TV card set to the correct PAL type - PAL-I or PAL-G - the wrong one will produce no sound, or very low level noisy sound - which could be why you hear something through the mic input (which only needs a very low level on the input - much lower than the line-in)

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