No sound-tried just about everything !

  Derek 08:13 10 Aug 2003

Everything working perfectly except the sound output from the PC jack.
Bios audio set to On. Control Panel/Sounds-Media/Audio all greyed out and nothing selectable, selected Devices and MPU is available and In Use but still no sound. No items such as Volume item in the right-hand status Task Bar. In fact just the clock resides there along with the icon for Asus Probe.
Windows accessories includes all sound and volume applications and, Devices show everything working Ok. All drivers loaded and in order.

The manual for the Asus motherboards refers to the following;
"NVIDEA nFORCE Control Panel.
The above is a suite of five convenient applications to help you get the most from all your computer controlled audio systems. After installing nVIDIA nForce Driver", (which I have done twice, reverted back in GoBack and done it again) continues..."look for an nVIDIA nForce APU icon on the taskbar status area. Double click the icon etcetera..and it will all appear".

I've done searches both in the Applications CD and the HD but cannot locate anything elluding to the items.
These's nothing in the Programmes Folder either.

I hasten to add that at a previous time, I have had the status taskbar 'alive' and I have had sounds outputting with all music composing programmes working. But, some history.

Loaded XP Pro upgrade from ME and had a problem with an uninstallable data-link programme. I was advised to revert to ME and do a reformat and clean install and this I did. Many hours later !! got all programmes up and running perfectly with the exception of the sound output problem.

Sorry this all looks a bit involved, but I've tried to give as much info as possible. I've been building PC's for yonks and been using top music cards for over twenty five years, I also use other PC's with economy priced MB's (AsRock and Ellite) with 'onboard' audio and they work fine.

This has really got me stumped....can you help please.

Kindest regards DM.

  jimv7 08:26 10 Aug 2003

Go into device manager, see what has yellow mark against it, put the mobo driver disk in cd, right click device and update driver, xp will look for the relevant driver.

  Derek 08:39 10 Aug 2003

Sorry Jim, no yellow marks anywhere all drivers are in order apparently, thank you Jim.

  Stuartli 09:04 10 Aug 2003

The nVidia nView Desktop Manager for my MX400 graphics card can be found in Control Panel.

I disabled it soon after the time I first installed updated drivers for the card from the nVidia website about 12 months ago - it caused nothing but problems.

It can be disabled from the Info tab. Hope this may be of help - I know how frustrating sound/sound cards etc can prove at times....:-)

  Derek 10:04 10 Aug 2003

Thank you Stuart. I know what you mean but still no luck.

  Bodi 10:05 10 Aug 2003

have to go back into the BIOS and check the following:

Under Integrated Peripherals.

Make sure that AC97 Audio Controller is set to "Auto"

Onboard Game Port [201]=default
Onboard Midi I/O [390]=default
Onboard Midi IRQ [10] =default

If these are OK, check the internal audio connections and see that you have these connected correctly. Have a good look at the SPDIF connection.

Hope this helps


  hugh-265156 13:09 10 Aug 2003

click start/run and type dxdiag and click ok.

click on the sound and music tabs and click the test button.

also click the more help/troubleshooter tabs.

  Forum Editor 14:27 10 Aug 2003

but by far the most common cause of 'no sound' is that the 'mute all' box has somehow become ticked in the volume settings configuration.

I have known people drive themselves half mad with frustration over a lack of sound, only to find that this simple check cured the problem.

  Stuartli 14:53 10 Aug 2003

This is exactly the point I have made in the various "missing sound" threads in recent days and weeks - a number of programs, including the volume control, mixers, sound card play centres, WMP9 etc have their own/or a mute option...:-)

  Derek 15:03 10 Aug 2003

Thanks again to all of you, I've done as you suggest (in detail) and as far as 'dxdiag' is concerned, it tells me that we have NO SOUNDCARD.

Also, I cannot locate the mixer box where the'muting' might be found.

As stated originally, in the status task bar I have no volume icon although it's been loaded to accessories in Op system, I have greyed out boxes elsewhere in Con/Sounds etc, Bios is set OK, but rather confusingly, on this top end M Board, I have a POST facility which 'talks'. And it says all the correct things about the POST proceedure, proving ofcourse the output jack circuit and the outboard sound system. !!

Question....should I try re-loading Win ME but first of all disabling GoBack ?

Or, should I load up XP Pro ?

Again thanks

  Derek 16:13 10 Aug 2003

I've disabled GoBack and re-loaded Win ME. change still without those items mentioned. Have now sent an email to ASUS explaining the problem in some detail.
I won't be holding my breath !
I'm still waiting for another query (now solved)to be answered that I sent three weeks ago ??

Kind regards DM.

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