No sound through headphones

  DominikCwojdzinski 06:21 31 Jul 2014


I have a new PC Specialist Vortex IV laptop running windows 7 ad on board Intel 5.1 Channel High Definition Audio. I have a problem where I cannot get sound through headphone jack. I have tries their own tech support and forums with little progress so I wonder if anyone here can help.

Originally I plugged in headphones and was getting sound through the headphones and speakers simultaneously. I realised I needed to go into the Realtek HD Audio Manager and de-select the option to make front and rear devices play the same audio stream. This worked until I closed the lid of the laptop and upon opening again I no longer had sound through the headphones. They were detected when I unplugged/plugged in but no sound came through - I could only get sound through on board speakers. Restarting the computer and reinstalling the drivers did not seem to help.

I noticed today they had started working again... until I tried closing and opening the lid whereupon the problem came back. I have also noticed that when they were working, headphones and speakers appeared as separate items in Volume Mixer. Then once I was getting no sound, only one device was listed, where I could select speakers/headphones/realtek digital audio from a dropdown list, but whatever I selected, I still only got sound through speakers only.

Finally, I have tried using different headphones with the same result, so the fault does not lie there.

As you can imagine this is becoming hugely frustrating!

thanks, Dom

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