No sound from speakers

  astra46 20:24 07 Sep 2004

I have no sound from my creative speakers.

I can hear a hissing sound, but when i play a dvd or use napster there is silence.

Can you repair speakers, or how much would a good 5 way set cost? Which ones are worth looking at?

  astra46 20:28 07 Sep 2004

Maybe Windows xp sp2 has caused this?

  sedgi 20:44 07 Sep 2004

Do you have a walkman you could plug them into?
If they work on this then its your computer.

  thedarkside 20:48 07 Sep 2004

First of all, check the obvious. Make sure there are no loose cables. Most likely you need to adjust your mixer settings though.
Control Panel - Sound and Audio Devices - Advanded (in the Device Volume Pane.) Something has maybe been muted. Check that the mute box below the sliders has not been ticked (as this is the mute option)
While you are there, make sure your sound card is still the default sound device (it's under the Audio Tab)

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