No sound from SoundCloud

  polymath 17:18 20 Aug 2013

I'm tryig to listen to a track a musician friend posted on Facebook, so visited the SoundCloud site for the first time. I press the 'listen' button there, and the waveform thing at the top becomes a progress bar (downloading I presume). When it's finished, the timer on SoundCloud's waveform starts counting, and my laptop's volume control shows the volume fluctuating as expected, but I can't hear anything. I tried to use the speaker icon on the top right of the SoundCloud page to increase the volume, but it didn't make any difference. Neither did registering with SoundCloud. No problem with YouTube, Audacity, internet radio etc. Am I missing something that's under my nose? I've tried to look for previous answers here, but searching for 'Soundcloud' just got lots of results with 'Sound' in the title.

Vista SP2, Firefox, AVG Free, Linksys wireless router, Windows Firewall disabled. (I'm in the republic of Ireland, in case it makes any diference).

  Woolwell 18:35 20 Aug 2013

Does this help Soundcloud help and in particular adblockers?

  Woolwell 18:37 20 Aug 2013

Also Mozilla forums and see about flashblock.

  polymath 21:58 20 Aug 2013

Thank you both for your suggestions. I had tried reloading the SoundCloud page at intervals (no change). So far I've checked add-ons (no Flash-/ad-blocking ones there), Firefox version (had the latest), and Flash Player.

I tried to check Flash Player for updates, but couldn't find it anywhere (maybe I uninstalled during some troubleshooting session or other). I'm currently trying to install it, but the process won't complete, and a message pops up that it can't find a reliable source. I think it's my internet connection playing up because of the weather - I'll just have to try again tomorrow.

I'll report back then!

  polymath 17:24 22 Aug 2013

Sorry about the delay, Woolwell. (I thought there were 2 of you when I replied before!). I was able to download Flash Player yesterday, and it solved the problem. (I hadn't realised any audio things needed it). Many thanks.

All that remains now is to figure out why I can't hear today's Google Doodle!

  Woolwell 17:49 22 Aug 2013

There is a sound icon top right.

  polymath 21:59 22 Aug 2013

Thanks Woolwell, but I did try that (making sure the speaker icon was in the 'on' state). No time to try anything else now, but I'm not missing much, as I can play some of Clair de Lune in my head anyway!

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